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Matthew 3:1-3 Grace of walking like Jesus

This morning's devotional is from Matthew 3:1-3.

Before we ever see His promises come to pass in the natural, we are to change what is on the inside.

John the Baptist encouraged the Jews to change their way of thinking before meeting the Lord Jesus the Savior. His way always starts from the inside, then onto the outside.

Unless our hearts are ready to accept what is on the outside, we will never be able to handle what is on the outside. Later, Jesus preached, but not all of the Jews accepted Jesus's teachings because they were not ready.

Why are we where we are today? God wants us to be ready before we experience the manifestations of His promises, the breakthroughs that we all desire to see. Are we ready to handle all of them?

Let us be ready like those Jews who were ready to accept Jesus as the Lord. What are the areas in our heart that need to be changed? Let us ask the Holy Spirit to teach us those areas.

May the Lord richly bless you!




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