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Matthew 2:16-23 Walking like Jesus

Today's devotional is Matthew 2:16-23.

God speaks to us in a dream. He speaks to us in varying ways. Let us be ready to receive His guidance in a dream. Believers hear His voice. (ref John 10:27)

God is specific about where to go. He spoke to Joseph to go to the land of Israel. In which direction does the Lord want us to go in our walk with Christ in the area of soul, marriage, family, finances, business, ministry etc.?

God uses fear and dreams to keep us from moving forward into a different direction. Is God warning you not to keep on moving forward? He can warn you to go in a different direction.

God fulfills what He prophecies in the bible. We can rest believing that what He promises will come to pass.

May His abundant blessings be upon you!




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